Poster on development between the fifth and tenth years of life

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product description

Poster on development between the fifth and tenth years of life


The poster illustrates childhood development from the fifth to the end of the tenth year of life by detailing the child’s skills and interests in eight areas of development (Bodily Awareness and Care, Awareness of Surroundings, Social-Emotional Development, Play, Language and Literacy, Cognition, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills). Children’s development normally varies among the eight areas, and within a single area, too, a child’s skills are often spread over multiple phases. This overview makes it easier to see which skills a child already has, where he or she is currently learning, and what his or her next developmental steps will likely be.

S. Beller: Entwicklung im 5.-10. Lebensjahr
3rd wholly revised and expanded edition, 2016
2 Poster segment in DIN A1 landscape format (835 x 595 mm) with a total breadth of 1.67m

Packing: poster roll

Currently only available in German