Poster on Stimulating (Language) Development in Everyday Situations

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product description

Poster on Stimulating (Language) Development in Everyday Situations

The poster uses specific questions posed by children and adults in order to illustrate the significance of the intersubjective relationship in stimulating (language) development. It also contains tips on how educators can better stimulate language development in everyday interactions.

Background information
The poster was developed as part of the ESIA project. The goal of the project was to undertake a systematic attempt to improve educators’ ability to stimulate language development in everyday classroom interactions. To this end, we compiled behaviors demonstrated by international research to be conducive to language development and attempted to translate these behaviors into everyday practice. The questions contained in the poster were formulated to illustrate these criteria. The ESIA project used microteachings to systematically translate the desired behaviors into pedagogical practice. Together with a project team member, teachers used transparent, objective criteria to analyze small segments of video recordings of themselves in various everyday situations in order to reflect on how they might better stimulate language development and exhibit a more democratic teaching style. Empirical testing demonstrated that the method had positive effects on participating educators and on the language development of children in participating groups (E. K. Beller, et al., 2006; S. Beller, et al., 2009; S. Beller, 2014). 

S. Beller: (Sprach)-Entwicklung im Alltag anregen, 2015
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